All-grain brew: Wheat Kings

Yesterday, after finally getting hold of all the equipment I needed to do so, I did my first ever all-grain (or full mash) brew.  This was a Bavarian Wheat Beer, which I’ve named Wheat Kings after the Tragically Hip song!  The whole process took about 6 or 7 hours, and I had to leave the wort to cool overnight.  I’m going to try and get an immersion wort chiller before the next attempt.  Things went okay, but not completely perfect.  I made a few first timer mistakes, as expected, hopefully nothing major though.  The main thing was that I only managed to get 15L of wort, when it should have been around 21/23L, lesson learnt here is to calculate what my losses will be in advance, and suss out the sparging process a bit better.  I liquored back and ended up missing the target OG of 1048, it came out as 1043.  I think this could turn out to be a bit thin, but time will tell.

My 3-tier set up, HLT starting to heat up:

Doughing in:

Giving the grains a good mix:

Batch sparging:

Spent grains:

Boil started and hops added:

Transferring to FV:

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