August Playlist

It’s the start of a new month, so here is my playlist for August. I didn’t listen to as much music as I usually do last month, I was catching up and trying out a lot of podcasts, which is what I listen to when I’m commuting. My big musical find was the last record from Phosphorescent, a band that’s been on the periphery of my musical radar for a while. I stumbled across their 2010 release, Here’s To Taking It Easy, and was grabbed immediately by it. It’s a fairly upbeat record for an alt-country style band, and it has plenty of pedal steel guitar to keep me happy.

The knee-jerk reactions to the English riots of a few weeks ago upset me somewhat, with the right-wing rhetoric being spouted over the likes of Facebook and Twitter at odds with my leftie stance. So I found solace in the intelligent and inspiring songs of Billy Bragg and Dick Gaughan. Waiting For The Leap Forwards and Whatever Happened felt particularly apt at the time.

Talking of Billy Bragg, I was recommended Frank Turner by a friend, who is similar in style to Mr Bragg but without the political edge. I was pleasantly surprised, one to keep an eye on.

Over the course of the month I dipped heavily into the back catalogue of James Yorkston, went through my yearly Deacon Blue obsession, re-found The ‘59 Sound by The Gaslight Anthem and saw this superb video for the James Grant song My Father’s Coat. But the most exciting news of the month? A new Tom Waits record to be released in October! Yay! And a single out now, Bad As Me. Quality as always, following on nicely from the Brawlers section of his Orphans release. Bring it on!

Get the Spotify playlist here.

  1. It’s Hard To Be Humble – Phosphorescent
  2. Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards – Billy Bragg
  3. Whatever Happened – Dick Gaughan
  4. Peggy Sang The Blues – Frank Turner
  5. I Don’t Care If There’s Cursing – Phosphorescent
  6. Woozy With Cider – James Yorkston
  7. A Different Kind Of Love Song – Dick Gaughan
  8. The Patient Ferris Wheel – The Gaslight Anthem
  9. Just As The Tide Was Flowing – James Yorkston
  10. Help Save The Youth Of America – Billy Bragg
  11. Bad As Me – Tom Waits
  12. Raintown – Deacon Blue
  13. My Father’s Coat – James Grant

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