Beer review: Brewdog Prototype 27

I was lucky enough to win a bottle of Brewdog’s latest experimental beer, Prototype 27 (thanks Martin Dickie!).  Only 150 bottles were produced and with this in mind I must admit I felt a wee bit guilty at drinking it. But only a little bit…beer’s for drinking after all!  Besides, the make up of the beer (Hardcore IPA, fresh Scottish raspberries and old Islay malt whiskies) meant there was zero chance of me leaving it untouched.

Colour: An attractive deep red, ribena like.

Head: Yellow-tinged, very energetic but short lived.

Nose: There is definite summer fruits and a cut-wood aroma, it’s an intense but pleasant attack on the senses.

Flavour: Straight away I’m hit by the bitter-sweet raspberries, aided by the lively wee attack on the tongue from the carbonation.  Soon the powerful hops kick in, giving a fiercely bitter yet tasty bite.  The bitterness then gives way to a classic Islay style finish, with it’s big and smoky peat flavour.  There’s a good malty body in there too, giving a biscuity finish while the smoke covers the tongue.  I’m reminded of summer forest fires and picking wild berries as a youngster!

ABV: 9.3%
Verdict: This is an incredibly flavoursome fruit infused beer, stunningly hoppy with the unmistakeable taste of Islay.  Where can you go wrong with that?  Shame it’s only a limited edition of 150 bottles, this is a cracker.
Brewdog Prototype 27 HGG Score: 92/100



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