Beer review: Duvel

Duvel is a beer I’ve seen loads, but never actually tasted.  I was a bit wary of the 8.5% ABV, but was pleasantly surprised.  On the pour, I was greeted with a very hefty bubbly head which took a minute to subside.  The aroma is of pear, and reminded me of some perry I tried recently, quite light and sweet.  It’s an unexpectedly drinkable beer, impressed that the alcohol does not come through to overpower the palate.  There’s a definite flavour of green apples, with an enjoyable late tang of lime citrus.  Not sure this would do as a session beer, but rather as a wee treat or a good drink to start a session with.

Colour: Very pale yellow

Head: White, huge and bubbly

Aroma: Pears, reminiscent of pear cider/perry.

Flavours: Hoppy bitterness, green apple-like.  Bit of citrus tang.

Verdict: A quality, deceptively light-tasting beer, which has the advantage that high alcohol level does not dominate the flavour.

ABV: 8.5%

Duvel HGG Rating: 79


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