Beer! Stewart’s Pilsen and Hefeweizen

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about beer, probably because I haven’t been drinking as much recently. But since I picked up a couple of new beers at Craigie Farm today, I thought I’d post my thoughts on them here.

Both beers are brewed by Stewarts Brewing in Edinburgh, who make some cracking beers. I had a pint of their Pentland IPA in my local the other day, and I highly recommend it.

The first I had tonight was their Pilsen. I’m not a huge fan of lager styles, but I do like a good German Pilsner. This had a classic lager aroma, and poured a large and frothy head. The palate delivered a clean, tangy zing from the Saaz hops. Nicely bitter, this is quite a refreshing beer, and a good indication of the Pils style.

Next up was their Hefeweizen, a Bavarian style wheat beer. Pouring this produced a very cloudy and vibrant orange body with a huge head. Initially the taste was a bit disappointing, but after a few mouthfuls, the delicate banana flavours came through on top of orange and clove. A very lively and effervescent beer, one I enjoyed the more I drank.

Both very enjoyable beers, I’d certainly buy them again. One slight complaint though would be the price; at £2.49 each for 330ml bottles, they’re not the cheapest. But, given that they are rarely brewed, being the special beers, I can’t criticise the pricing too much.

Meanwhile, in my own little brewery, I’ve got 21 litres of oatmeal stout fermenting away nicely. This is my first attempt at an all-grain stout, it smells great at the moment and I can’t wait to try it in a few weeks time. My summer ale is being drunk at a decent pace, it’s a fairly good session beer at just 3.5% ABV.

Now time to find some more beers to drink and write about during next weeks NFL games…

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