Women’s Euro Qualifiers – stats in Power BI

With the all-important Women’s Euro Qualifier between Scotland and Iceland coming up on Friday, I thought it would be a good time to grab some of the data from the UEFA website and have a play with it in Power BI. I’ve got the data for all teams imported, the report below is filtered to show the […]

SQL Server Developer Edition – now free!

There was good news for data developers last week, as Microsoft announced that SQL Server Developer Edition will be available as a free download from now on. It’s part of the Visual Studio Dev Essentials program, which I highly recommend signing up for (it’s free!). You can grab SQL 2014 right now, and when 2016 is […]

Analysing Football Data in Power BI

Two passions of mine that go hand in hand are sports and data. Fans nowadays can access a whole host of statistics for every sport imaginable. This data can be used for any number of reasons, including for gambling purposes and to help win fantasy leagues. Most premier sports teams now employ data analysts to […]

SSIS – Change the Protection Level for all Packages in a Project

Here’s a quick one I found this morning while fixing an execution issue with one of my SSIS packages. I needed to change the Protection Level of all the packages in a project from Encrypt With User Key to Don’t Save Sensitive. The project contains over 30 packages, and I didn’t really fancy opening each […]

Execute SSIS package as a Service Account

At my current client, I have a very specific set of parameters to work within regarding security. Chiefly, I need read permissions on the underlying database for a Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 installation. I have a series of SSIS packages that extract data from AX on a daily basis, executed from SQL Server Agent. […]

Try R, a free course

I’ve been branching out a bit in my spare time with regards to other tools and languages for manipulating and analysing data. The R language has interested me for a while, and I came across this free tutorial which serves as a pretty good introduction to its basic usage and syntax. It does so in […]

Table variables, identity columns and reseeding

Ever tried to reseed an identity column in a table variable? No? Let’s give it a go… Let’s declare a simple table variable, @country, and insert a few rows. Truncating a normal table will remove all the rows and reseed the identity value. The following syntax is not valid for a table variable however: The […]

T-SQL Tuesday: A Day In The Life

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Erin Stellato, and the theme is A Day In The Life. The premise is to track what you do over the course of a day as a SQL professional. My days can differ greatly, depending on the role I’m currently working in, and for what client. My current […]

Diving into T-SQL Grouping Sets

The Grouping Sets feature was added to the T-SQL GROUP BY clause with the release of SQL Server 2008. Despite its usefulness, I’ve not come across many (or any) of them in the wild at any of the clients I’ve worked at in the past few years. Here is a primer on how to use […]

Case-sensitivity in a T-SQL WHERE clause

I was asked today if it was possible to use a case-sensitive LIKE statement in a WHERE clause. The default SQL Server collation is case-insensitive, but the collation used can be specified in a query. To return the collation of the current database: In my case, this returned Latin1_General_CI_AS. The case-sensitive version of this is […]