Column headings do not repeat in SSRS 2008

I’ve just stumbled upon an odd issue with the Tablix control in SSRS 2008.  I deployed a report on a server a few weeks ago and it is now reporting on enough data to make it span multiple pages.  I wanted the column headings to appear on all pages, not just the first.  However, when I set the RepeatColumnHeaders property on the Tablix to be true, the headings still did not appear on the next page.  After a bit of playing around I enabled Advanced Mode in the Grouping Pane, and had a look at the properties for the top (Static) group in Row Groups.  Under Other, there is a property called RepeatOnNewPage.  Setting this to True made the column headers appear as required.  OK, so that’s fine, but I can’t help but think that this a a bug in SSRS 2008, and should be fixed by MS.  Looking through the RDL file itself, I can’t find anything that would cause the RepeatColumnHeaders property not to behave as expected.

The “Header should remain visible while scrolling” option does not appear to work either; I haven’t yet found a workaround for this.

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  1. Not sure if you ever fixed your problem, but to get the column headers to remain visible you need to set FixedData to True in advanced mode.

  2. Set FixedData to True, & uncheck the checkbox- “Headers should remain visiable while scrolling” in the Tablix Properties & the headers will remain visible, THANK YOU for your help and post I never would have found it.

  3. Thank you ssrs08! The key was unchecking “headers should remain visible”. You gave me the answer after days of trying.

  4. Thanks. I’ve been scratching my head on this one. You’d thing checking both the Column Headings options on the Tablix Properties General Tab would take care of this, but noooooo.

  5. This was nice to find. Very frustrating. Anybody know how to keep the headers at the top of pages that are printed?

  6. Alan, thanks a lot! I had two tablixes on one report with different sets of columns, and I was able to enable column headers for each table on the report on respective pages. I did not use FixedData = True, as it was causing problems.

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