John Martyn – Hurt In Your Heart

A month or so ago I bought Grace And Danger by John Martyn.  It’s an album that had been on my radar for many a year, and I’d never gotten round to picking it up.  Partially the blame for this is on Phil Collins (I can blame him for a lot of things) – he plays on the record, but I thought he also produced it, which would have rendered it un-listenable…check out August by Eric Clapton for evidence of this.

Anyway, Grace And Danger is a stunningly emotional record, written in 1980 at the time of Martyn’s break up with his then-wife, Beverley.  Known as one of the classic break-up records, it can at times be a tough listen, and is truly quite heartbreaking.  Here is a live performance of Hurt In Your Heart, for me the definitive track on the record.  I’ve watched this quite a few times, but sometimes struggle to get through it in one sitting, the raw sadness in his voice is like watching a man grieve.  The guitar solo at the end is despairing, charged and yet still beautiful.

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