NFL Fantasy Draft

Last Sunday night it was the live draft for the NFL GB View fantasy football league.  Twelve team owners took part, and I was in position 5, which I wasn’t too unhappy about.  I knew I could get one of the elite players in round one, and with Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson sure to have gone by then, I went in with the intention of getting the top WR, Andre Johnson.  Chris Johnson went first, then surprisingly Ray Rice was next, followed by Peterson and then Maurice Jones-Drew.  Bingo!  I grabbed Andre Johnson with both hands and was very happy to get him.

I had decided beforehand to get quality at the RB and WR position before looking at QB, and that I would leave TE till the mid rounds, and pick up whatever was left for K and Defense.  This plan proved to be sensible, as the top 5 QBs all went in the first round, leaving me free to get Ryan Grant and Rashard Mendenhall in rounds 2 and 3.  Another 4 QBs were taken before it was my fourth round pick and the best of the remaining bunch by far was Baltimores Joe Flacco.  Not estatic about this pick, but on balance, pretty happy with a solid QB who is likely to have a good year on a quality team.

Moving onto the other WR positions, I’d missed out on a few of my most wanted by round 5, so took my old favourite Hines Ward with the 5th pick.  In the next round I was gutted to miss out on Michael Crabtree, and got Hakeem Nicks instead.  A borderline number 3 receiver in my opinion.

With the main spots filled, I was looking at TE next and good fortune meant that Jermichael Finley dropped to me in the 7th.  Very happy indeed with that.

Next up I was looking to get some quality backup players.  I really wanted Jahvid Best in the 8th, but just missed him and got Jonathan Stewart instead, which is good value.  Picked up Matt Cassel 9th, not sure about that one, but wanted a backup for Flacco for the bye week.  Rounds 10, 11 and 12 I got WR Robert Meachem, RB Ben Tate and WR Devin Aromashodu.  Then Tate got injured in pre-season and put on IR so I picked up Thomas Jones as a free agent!

As planned, I went for K and Defense/Special Teams in the last two rounds, getting Jeff Reed and the Bears.

So I’m fairly pleased with how it went, although I feel I could be weak at QB and the WR positions outwith Johnson may not produce huge numbers.

My team:

QB – Joe Flacco, Ravens

RB – Ryan Grant, Packers

RB – Rashard Mendenhall, Steelers

WR – Andre Johnson, Texans

WR – Hines Ward, Steelers

WR – Hakeem Nicks, Giants

TE – Jermichael Finley, Packers

K – Jeff Reed, Steelers

DST – Bears


QB – Matt Cassell, Chiefs

RB – Thomas Jones, Chiefs

RB – Jonathan Stewart, Panthers

WR – Devin Aromashodu, Bears

WR – Robert Meachem, Saints



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