October Playlist – The Exact Feeling

October was an excellent month for new album releases, the pick of the bunch being Bad As Me by Tom Waits. Unfortunately this isn’t on Spotify as yet, so the playlist only includes the second single, ‘Back In The Crowd’ – probably the weakest track on the record. Anyway, you should all be buying it, as it is an absolute belter of an album. Another record notable by it’s absence from Spotify is the new Richmond Fontaine release, The High Country. I’ve been listening to it a lot, a fine example of storytelling via music.

The new Ryan Adams record Ashes & Fire is also a fine return to form, in the vein of the excellent Heartbreaker album, his debut from 2000. Ryan appeared on one of the BBC Four Songwriters Circle shows with Neil Finn from Crowded House – a nice reminder (as if I needed one) of how good a lyricist he is too. I was particularly pleased to see Paul Brady on another episode of said show, an extremely under-rated musician.

As is almost always the way, I eventually got into the new Wilco record, The Whole Love. These always take a few listens to sink in, they’re not noticeable for their immediacy. But great songs and outstanding musicianship yet again.

The playlist is completed by a couple of funk tracks by Gil Scott-Heron and Rick James, one of my favourite songs by the late great Bert Jansch, some Judie Tzuke (who I’ve been listening to a fair bit since hearing her on the John Martyn tribute record), and The Tragically Hip – a band I never tire of.

The playlist is here.

  1. Nobody Wants To – Crowded House
  2. The Exact Feeling – The Tragically Hip
  3. Lucky Now – Ryan Adams
  4. Black Moon – Wilco
  5. Living For The Corporation – Paul Brady
  6. Stay With Me Till Dawn – Judie Tzuke
  7. Back In The Crowd – Tom Waits
  8. Waiting For The Axe To Fall – Gil Scott-Heron
  9. Mary Jane – Rick James
  10. Born Alone – Wilco
  11. The Black Swan – Bert Jansch
  12. Kindness – Ryan Adams
  13. Freak Turbulence – The Tragically Hip

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