September Playlist – Sentimental Man

I’ve been unable to think of a word to describe the sort of music I’ve been listening to recently. It’s been more laid-back, less rocky and with little of the country/blues roots that I normally have on the go. I stumbled across live releases by Lloyd Cole and Counting Crows, both of which are excellent. The latter is a live version of their debut record, August And Everything After, one of my favourite records. This month’s new find was the Boston-based bluegrass band, Crooked Still, whose 2010 release, Some Strange Country includes a nice version of The Rolling Stones’ ‘You Got The Silver’. I’ve been re-listening to the back catalogue of The Blue Nile, totally in love with Paul Buchanan’s vocals right now.

I still can’t get enough of John Martyn. A tribute record to the big man, Johnny Boy Would Love This, was released this year, and there are some absolute crackers on it (even the inclusion of Phil Collins isn’t enough to put me off!), but the best by far is the version of ‘Hurt In Your Heart’ by Judie Tzuke. A very tough song to cover, but she really nails it here.

My own band Fake Gods are now on Spotify, so have cheekily added one of our tracks to the set too. 🙂

The Spotify playlist is over here, enjoy!

  1. Perfect Skin – Lloyd Cole & The Commotions
  2. Prospect Street – The Big Dish
  3. Because Of Toledo – The Blue Nile
  4. Sentimental Man – The Blue Nile
  5. Couldn’t Love You More – John Martyn
  6. Hurt In Your Heart – Judie Tzuke
  7. Anna – Brendan Campbell
  8. You Got The Silver – Crooked Still
  9. Turning Away – Crooked Still
  10. Wanderlust – Love & Money
  11. Rain King/Thunder Road – Counting Crows
  12. What’s The Frequency Kenneth? – REM
  13. On A Sea Of Fleur-De-Lis – Fake Gods

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