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Anyone who knows me knows that I love to share my musical tastes.  Now I’m a Premium Spotify user, doing so is even easier by using shared playlists.  I’m going to start doing monthly playlists, to both share with friends and to remind myself of what I’ve been listening to over the year.

So to start with, here are my tunes for July.  Some new(ish) stuff from Bon Iver, Jason Isbell, Kasey Chambers and Oh Susanna, mixed with some older tracks by Richmond Fontaine and Black Sabbath.  And a track from the posthumous release from John Martyn.  Thirteen tracks of goodness!

Woody’s Tunes – July 2011

I’ve got a few invites for Spotify if anyone is looking for one…leave a comment or @ me on Twitter (@grapefruitmoon) if you’d like one.

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