SSIS 2008 Deployment Manifest error

I had an issue this morning whereby I was trying to deploy an SSIS 2008 project using the Deployment Manifest, and was hitting the following error:

Could not save the package “<Package Path>” to SQL Server “<SQL Server>”.——————————

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:The package failed to load due to error 0xC0011008 “Error loading from XML. No further detailed error information can be specified for this problem because no Events object was passed where detailed error information can be stored.”. This occurs when CPackage::LoadFromXML fails.

A quick Google search indicated that the issue was to do with a SQL Server 2005 installation that had been upgraded to 2008.  Right-clicking the Deployment Manifest file showed two options for the Installation Package Utility.  Even though both said 2005, one was actually pointing to the 2008 version.  Choosing this one corrected the problem.  The default location for the 2008 version is

C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server100DTSBinndtsinstall.exe

You can also run this via the command line:

C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server100DTSBinndtsinstall.exe "C:<project path>ProjectName.SSISDeploymentManifest"

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  1. Thanks, this helped me out after a rebuilt dev environment had SQL 2005 reinstalled after 2008 R2 was installed alongside and I couldn’t figure out why the 2008 deployments were pointing to the 90 – 2005 installation folder.
    Appreciate your post and help,

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