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Screen Sharing with Alfred’s Help

Now that I’ve got a few Macs hanging around my house (I think they are breeding), and only the one monitor, I’ve been using the Screen Sharing capability of OS X a fair bit.  While this is a quite excellent little tool, it’s hidden away in the System/Library/CoreServices folder, rather than in Applications, so not what you’d call easy to find.  It can be kept in the dock, but my preference is to keep the dock fairly sparse, so I started using ScreenSharingMenulet, a quite nifty little program that sits in the menu bar and lets you choose what Mac you want to start screen sharing with.  This worked great till I started using Alfred – it seemed wrong to be unable to use this quite wonderful tool to fire up screen sharing.  So I dipped into AppleScript and created the following script (Zoidberg is the name of the Mac I want to screen share with)…

    tell application “Screen Sharing”

        tell application “System Events”
            keystroke return
        end tell
    end tell

Then I fired up the Extensions tab in Alfred Preferences, chose the AppleScript extension and gave it a name (Screen Sharing).  I then pasted the code above into the AppleScript text box and gave it the Alfred keyword of SSZoidberg, with the Background box checked.

And simple as that, I can start screen sharing with just a few Alfred keystrokes, no trackpad or mouse required.  Lovely!